Make your own LOGO as a Circular Progress bar in Android

In this article, i’ll show how to make your own logo to be a circular progress bar.

We need progress bar sometimes to inform user that some stuff going behind the screen or to inform the user to wait until something loading. Well then instead of using default old style circular bar with rotation, if we use our own logo as circular progress bar will be nice in both the ways i.e UI for the user and branding our stuff to the user. so lets get started.

In this example, i’m using simple rotate animation, for effects one can use frame animation.

Code for animation:

Now Create a new ProgressDialog with a custom layout.

To reuse the code in the entire project, i’m using static method setUIToWait. The new ProgressDialog is created with, null, null) with empty title, message and added the custom layout to it. If you don’t  provide Background to transparent, then the entire view will be plain white background.

Now the custom layout is:

Now from anywhere use this code to show the circular progress bar.




Complete code:





Hope this helpful. Your valuable comments are always welcomed. It will help to improve my post and understanding.

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