How to make volley .jar file from repo

In last blog, i explained how to import jar file in Android Studio but Volley library never comes in handy. So i made this blog to explain how to make your own volley .jar file from scratch.



  1. Downloaded and installed Git software (make sure you select – “use Git from the Windows Command Prompt”).
  2. Download Apache Ant software and extracted at C:\ directory.
  3. Environmental Variable PATH setup for Ant and Android.
    • For Android, if you haven’t setup environmental variable for android.bat file before then include this line the PATH like <SDK PATH>\tool folder. (for e.g. C:\android\android-sdk-windows\tool)
    • For Ant, if you extracted to C:\ directory, then include this line in the PATH like <ANT PATH>\bin folder. (for e.g. C:\apache-ant-1.9.5\bin)
    • Ensure that the JDK you want to be loaded is the first entry in your PATH (or at least that it appears before C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin appears).


Steps to make jar file from repo:

Now open Windows Command Prompt and type these one after the other.

volley_jar volley_jar2 volley_jar3 volley_jar4

You can find generated volley.jar in volley\bin folder.


Now copy that jar file and use it in your project as i explained in this blog.


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