How to import Eclipse Project into Android Studio

Honestly, i don’t like to say this that the days with Eclipse and ADT is Over. Yesterday, in a post on Android Developers blog, Google has announced that development and official support for the ADT plugin for Eclipse will be shut down at the end of this year and they are focus all of their effort on improving Android Studio and they advises developers move our projects to Android Studio. At just over two years old, Android Studio is now the single Google-supported development environment for Android.

So, its TIME to Move On/Migrate.

On Latest version of Android Studio, Importing Eclipse Project is like eating a cup cake, fairly straight forward. Below are the steps and screenshots.

  1. Under Android Studio, Select File → New→ Import Project or on Quick Start, Select Import project (Eclipse ADT, Gradle, etc.).
  2. On the Import Window, go to project location and select the right project to import.studio3
  3. Once the import is finished, you’ll get a text file opened “import-summary.txt”. You can go through what just happened on during the process.


For more details, read this.



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