How to Add Device Frames to Your App Screenshots

In this article, i’ll show how to add device frames to your app or any screenshots.

1. PlaceIt is a brilliant online tool to add real time device frame to your screenshot. The frames available in this website are really live, that means you will get a natural image with perfect location. Thus after add frame to a photo or screenshot, it becomes really nice to look.

Just drag and drop the image to the selected frame to frame it. Alternatively you if want to take a web-page screenshot, then just add the url to “Grab Screenshot from URL option” and the page will automatically be fitted to the frame. Just save the image.

PlaceIt app frames will be fancy and has few categories to personalize the app specific. I personally use this site more often for App Store Feature Image.

2. FrameApp is easy to use and simple tool which will add a mobile device frame for iPhone, iPad, Google Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Tab, Amazon Kindle Fire.

Upload you screenshot on the online tool and select the device from the right sidebar list to add the frame on your screenshot. Once the Frame is added on your image, right click on the picture and save it on your desktop.

3. PicApp is from the same of the FrameApp. PicApp has some unique feature and lesser models or device than the FrameApp. I uses this site for Designing purpose.

Upload you screenshot on the online tool and select the device from the left sidebar list to add the frame on your screenshot. Once the Frame is added on your image, use download option to save it on your desktop.

4. MokeUPhone is one of our personal online toll to add screenshot on mobile and tablets frames. Here you will find all the popular apple, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Form  the web online tools select the device frame for your screenshot and upload you image from your desktop to get started. Once the image is uploaded the tools will add the device frame on your screenshot and mail you the copy of your device screenshot.

5.  Device Art Generator on Android Developers website. Which allows you to quickly wrap your mobile screenshots in real device artwork. The device frames available to add screenshot of the apps are Android Wear, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7, Nexus 9 and older device are Nexus 4 and Nexus 10.

All you have to do is capture the screenshot from your mobile or tablet and Drag the screenshot from your desktop on to the corresponding device listed there. Now the Device generator tool generate the image on the screen of the device. Once the image is ready, Just click on the image to download it on your computer.


For Developers:

Using Android Studio:

You can use Android Studio to capture Screen Shot with device Frame for all Nexus Devices and for other devices as Generic Devices and for Android Wearable Devices too.

Press Alt+6 keyboard shortcut for Android, select camera option on the top left corner. Then Select the options available as per needs and click save.

One can also capture video from your device with the Screen Record option, just click capture and add some Bit rate (higher the bit rate will be higher the video quality) by default is 4 Mbps and Start Recording, Interact with the App and once done, click the Stop Recording. Unluckily device frame is not added to the video.

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