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Skholingua Android Applications helps beginners of Android application developing with extremely simple Android code snippets for all API's.You will never again need to search for how to code particular APIs, search for topics across various blogs, bookmark webpages or download Source Codes to figure out how they work.

Skholingua solves all these hurdles with one single application. Install this Application, Test API to check how it works, and view or download the source code right to your mobile!

A tutorial for Android Wear is also included, but not the Wear App. You can learn and download the source code. Please install Skholingua Tester App along with this App. It is required to view the Source Code.

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This is a companion app used by the Skholingua Android API Demos Application. It is required to view the Source code of the API.

This Application requires Network Permission only. If you installed API Demos App first, you might notice that this app will request for many permissions. This is due to both application using the same 'sharedUserId'. Please refer the screen shot or Permissions in below sections before installing or learn more about sharedUserId

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Learn and practice SQLite through an Unique Tutorial App – where you get to learn SQLite programming through an Android App! Creating, Updating, and Deleting Tables and Database, all at one place.

All Concepts of basic and advanced SQLite are included in the tutorial with lot of examples, elegant design and real time scenarios described in the app, take you slowly through all concepts of SQLite and with Editor, an unique feature in the entire play store will help you to practice with Queries on different database with import and exporting database option will make you a SQLite Master in 30 days.

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